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Inter-gender Exhibition Match :iconsupreme006:supreme006 11 1
A Bad Day to be a Bad Guy
A Bad Day to be a Bad Guy
by Angus McLeod (aka Lurker1001)
Jonathan Steel was having a good day.  He stood in a wrestling ring in front of thousands of people, and across from him stood a scantily clad female opponent.  She was a goddess, in a"barely there" bathing suit, and she was glaring at him pretty hard.  OK, so maybe her glaring wasn't a good thing, but the outfit she wore was.  Steel has stolen into her dressing room, as she showered before the fight, and switched her regular fighting outfit with one of the skimpiest swimsuits he could find.  He figured the girl wouldn't be too bothered by it, and she wouldn't forfeit the match as she felt obligated to her
fans.  So, there she stood, in a T shaped suit that covered only the bare essentials.  
Steel had to keep from drooling when the girl had first entered he ring.  She walked round the ring, to the hollering of the fans, and his eyes drank in every inch of her perfectly toned form.  
:iconlurker1001:Lurker1001 19 24
Mature content
Event #10 the Final Battle - Supergirl vs.Superman :iconxychrom:xychrom 16 7
Mature content
Supergirl vs. Superman - Super Battle of the Sexes :iconxychrom:xychrom 17 1
Soviet Superwoman Reference
Soviet Superwoman
Real name: Olga Xenia Yezhov
Age: 32 (born 1923 alternate Earth)
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 225 pounds
Eyes: Cold Blue
Hair: Short Black
Appearance: Tall and imposing, the Soviet Superwoman is a powerfully built amazon of a woman. Her body resembles a densely muscled, heavyweight-class female bodybuilder with ample curves.
Dimensions: 38DD-24-38
Place of Birth: Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, USSR (alternate Earth)
Current Residence: Angel Falls, USA
Occupation: Former kolkhoz farmer, former старшина́ (Starshina) in the Soviet military, Hero of the Soviet Union as the costumed heroine Soviet Superwoman
Super-Strength: Olga was able to lift a German WWII-era battleship out of the water with some effort.
Flight: Olga can defy gravity and fly at a top speed of 1342.22 mph.
Invulnerability: Near indestructible, Olga can withstand almost almost all forms of physical or energy damage due to her
:iconsoviet-superwoman:Soviet-Superwoman 65 92
Mature content
Birth of Ultima :iconcerebus873:cerebus873 64 28
Mature content
Week in a world where women are superior part 3 :iconchasbanner:chasbanner 25 5
Mature content
Rise to Power - A Sarah Story :icontj-caris:tj-caris 26 7
Electric Swedish Supergirl
Electric Swedish Supergirl
No sexiness (Going for a badass adorable thing)
Gratuitious Swedish
Note: never play with electricity
Hal Bynstrom was in his parents’ basement doing  reps with a barbell. He was a handsome 19 year old Swedish boy who was naturally well built for his age. He heard a voice calling him, but ignored it. He wanted to finish his workout cycle.
The door opened and August his little sister popped her head through.
“Hal! Dinner is ready! Come on!” She was a cute, slender fifteen year old with blonde hair in a ponytail, big blue eyes and dressed in a sleeveless white shirt and jeans.
Again Hal ignored her partially because she was being bossy but mainly because he was wanted to complete his full 20 reps with his new max weight. He was slowing but he could juuust dooo…
August reached over and with one hand lifted his barbell out of his grasp.
One hand on her hip and the other holding 290lbs up like a packet of mints she repeated h
:iconchasbanner:chasbanner 27 7
Mature content
Claire's Visit part 1 :iconiceman75:iceman75 12 2
Mature content
Super Girl and the Muscle Dome :iconbossrose:BossRose 9 0
Mature content
Super Girl and the Muscle Dome (Final chapter) :iconbossrose:BossRose 9 4
Mindie Chapter 1 - Did it Work?
“Mindie” Chapter 1 – “Did it work?”
Written and Edited by Amnoartist
Did the machine work? Darren stood in front of Mindie, who in return looked down at him with a loving smile. Did the machine actually work?
For months now, Darren spent all of his time trying to perfect his machine, the Ne-Plus Ultra, which he was determined to use on his loving Mindie. She had dreamt of godhood for years, beginning first when she was a young kid, as she watched countless TV shows that either centred on characters who were superheroes or had super-strength. She assumed such things as super-strength were solely restricted to the TV shows she watched as a kid… until today.
“Well…? Did it work?” Mindie stood there in Darren’s lab, dressed in her typical stylish garb - no doubt, as always, to get Darren’s attention. “I don’t look any different, do ” Mindie flexed her left bicep, frowning a
:iconamnoartist:Amnoartist 7 8
Mature content
Super Girl and the Muscle Dome :iconbossrose:BossRose 9 5
Mature content
Super Girl and the Muscle Dome :iconbossrose:BossRose 5 1



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